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Are you struggling with managing your inventory using spreadsheets, pen and paper, or a convoluted software package?

So did our customers. Makers, crafters, distributors, traders and sellers. They all had one thing in common: they wanted to manage their inventory and orders in a more efficient and better way so that they could focus on the things that truly matter.

EMERGE App was born out of my frustration dealing with stock inaccuracies, endless paperwork and accounting mayhem when I ran a custom t-shirt printing business back in 2011.

"Surely life could be simpler, faster and more interesting?" I thought to myself one day, heaving under the burden of solving one issue after another. Customers weren't billed because invoices were literally all over the place, they had far too generous credit terms, and my t-shirts were overstocked!

I looked for a software solution to fix all this. I tried one solution after another. For those that I didn't try, they were far too expensive or complicated for a small business like mine. I didn't have time for a long software implementation project.


So what did I do? I built one. I started another business to create a cloud-based web application to solve the inventory woes of small and medium businesses like yours. Most of all, I wanted to make it affordable, readily available and easy to use for people like you and me.

Like any startup it wasn't easy in the beginning. We were bootstrapped from the money that I made in the t-shirt business, but with new employees rapidly coming on board we had to do system integration projects on the side to keep the cashflow going.

Fast forward to today. You've been checking out EMERGE App. It's the result of 17,800 hours of work and 450,000 lines of hand-crafted code. It's designed with you in mind to increase productivity, run efficiently and, ultimately, drive profitable growth.

My name's Ben, I'm the founder of EMERGE App, so come join me to live life simpler, faster and more interesting!


Benjamin Yee
Founder & CEO
Gigi Nguyen
Gigi Nguyen
Vice President, Product
Henry Thanh
Henry Thanh
Luke Deng
Luke Deng
VP, CN growth
William Duy Ho
William Duy Ho
Senior Developer
Lulu - Chief Happiness Officer
Chief Happiness Officer


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