Optimize your business with wholesale distribution software

Wholesale and Distribution industry

A wholesaler is an individual or an organization that buys a lot of products from producers or suppliers and then sells them to retailers, merchants, or end users as well. Because of the continent of products, they may have many warehouses to keep. After that, they will sell and distribute goods to their customers.
Today’s booming e-commerce has made the wholesale and distribution industry profitable. Many enterprises start joining this field but only a small portion are able to endure over time. The participation of software is a treasure in the chain of operations of a business with significant capital such as a wholesaler or a distributor.

Why do you need a wholesale distribution software?

  • Large quality of products: Instead of focusing on one or some line products, wholesalers run business over a broad range of products and even in several industries such as Alibaba and eBay. So, you see that there are various products they have to control and manage. This work can not be handled by humans, it is a must to use the software.
  • The operations are complex: From purchasing to distribution, the workload is huge and you have to be in charge of a lot of data. Furthermore, from the time of purchase until it reaches the consumer, the product must go through a coordinated process consisting of many stages. It makes the process of operating a wholesale business complicated.
  • Efficient order management: With a large number of products and orders, it is important to have a system that can efficiently manage and track orders, from quotation to shipment and billing, without errors or delays.
  • High accuracy: Because the quantity of products involved in the sizeable orders as well as the value of them is a big number, every step needs to be accurate. Just a mistake could cost you thousands of dollars.
  • Effective inventory management: With a huge value for each order, managers have to invest a large amount of money for that. Then if you are not good at streamlining inventory, your capital could be tied up and cash flow will be congested. A compatible software will help your business optimize the effectiveness of inventory management therefore your revenue is increased too.

What makes EMERGE one of the best wholesale distribution software?

Onboard your staff
Manage your complex operation
  • Easy access from decentralized access per employee.
  • Real-time cloud access eases your chain of operations.
  • Provides a centralized platform for managing various operations, such as procurement, inventory management, order processing, shipping, and customer management effectively. Thereby, your profit will be optimized
Streamline business process
  • Your sales order module can manage orders from multiple platforms and have an employee ID card attached to that order management.
  • Track order status, monitor sales performance, and provide insights into customer purchasing patterns. From there, you can decide to purchase from a supplier (drop ship) or fulfill agents the items from your warehouse
  • Pick, Pack and Ship: Once your physical store is available, you can proceed to create a pick list from Emerge for your warehouse staff. Then, create a packing list to pack the items into individual packages and ship them out.
  • EMERGE deposit and credit note features can also help you in complicated transaction scenarios. it makes all orders clear and trackable.
Streamline business process
Reduce errors
Reduce errors
  • Reduce errors in data entry.
  • Ensure your products will never expire before sending them to your customers by inventory management module in EMERGE
  • Automate processes to reduce manual work and errors.
Report and analysis
  • Identify the best sales channels and salespeople.
  • Real-time data and insights on key business metrics, such as sales performance, inventory levels, and financials. Helps you have a visual view of your business activities
  • Create custom reports and dashboards, allowing managers to make data-driven decisions.
  • Timely forecasting customer demands.
Report and analysis

Existing e-commerce platforms do not give you the flexibility & features of EMERGE App


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