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Sell better

Better manage sales reps. Check customer, product information & generate quotation & sales on the go

Manage imports & exports

Win the cross border game with multi-currency, custom export packing list & workflow documents

Inventory & Simple Production

Manage products with the production, serial number, batch, variants & multi-location firepower

Multi-language for documents

Customize language or text for your documents to better serve your native customers

Back to back orders

Manage your back to back orders swiftly with smart workflow & purchasing request for quotation (RFQ) module

Historical timeline

Know every historical company data with a few clicks. Game your operations

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Smoother Operations, Better Efficiency With Our Inventory Management Software

When you need to manage your customers, suppliers, products, inventory, imports, exports, sales, purchases, payments, bills for your distribution, wholesale & trading business, EMERGE has you covered!

Best Inventory Management Software

Learn how EMERGE Cart can help you drive sales & boost profits. Seamlessly open an account for your customers to browse & make orders

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We Build Strong Relationships With Our Users

With future initiatives, EMERGE is building and growing a community that provides massive value to you. You are not just a number because your growth matters.

Users from 5 out of 7 continents

Universal workflow with flexible settings for your country

60% are traditional brick & mortar businesses

Most users are operating traditional businesses and many with the intention of selling through e-commerce

Products worth millions

Thousands of products worth millions in value are added every few days

Ales Luci Owner, Aviostar, Serbia - Aircraft cleaning concepts
We tried different applications and software for ordering management app. We are in the aviation products selling company with ISO 9001 standard and EMERGE App is the best app. If you need great support, you get very fast response from the team.

Nicolas Teyssandier, Co-Owner Teyssa Seed Research, Argentina / San Francisco, USA
Having no experience in use of ERP solutions other than excel, this app has helped me make significant improvements when managing my imports. It's reporting functions are allowing me to visualize strategic customers and products in order to plan ahead, reducing freight costs and increasing my level of service.

James Bard, Owner MD (Love for Jewellery), Singapore - Jewellery trader & distributor
"Our business grew after implementing EMERGE."
I’m in the business of selling jewelry. I have various sales channels, both offline and online through Shopify. EMERGE App has been an integral part of my daily operation workflow, as its partial and consolidated delivery and payments systems is exactly what my business needs to effectively stay on top of things.

Like all software solutions, EMERGE App has its pros and cons. One such con is that the software does require a learning curve, but once I’ve mastered it, the system catered to my every possible need. I trust EMERGE App because the team that created this software has prior trading experience, and knows exactly what us traders and distributors need.

Being a software product, the support team has been fantastic in answering my queries and going the extra mile for me. Maybe that’s because i’m one of the early adopters, but definitely no complaints there.

Kudos to EMERGE App for creating such a comprehensive inventory management solution that is long overdue in our industry, and I’m looking forward to the new developments the team has for the near future.
Gabriella Susanto, Owner Aku Gembira, Indonesia - distributor of disinfectant & household washing products
We like EMERGE's easy to understand user interface with all encompassing feature
Our company imports and distributes FMCG goods. We started using Emerge in January 2017 and it helped us solve many of our stock problems. Beforehand our stock had many discrepancies, and Emerge has helped us organize our stock keeping data and keep track products going out and coming in.

We like Emerge's easy to understand user interface. We also find its all encompassing features, very useful too. From allowing us to keep track of our stock in each of our warehouses, to purchase orders, creating a delivery order, sales invoice, keep track of our outstanding invoices and even integration with WooCommerce.

Plus, it has allowed us to keep track of our stocks from anywhere in the world, as the updates are accessible from anywhere that has wifi. All of this at an affordable price! We would definitely recommend Emerge to SMEs out there who's looking for a simple inventory management software to their stock keeping problems.
Rachel Xu, JR Healthcare
"Great if you sell a product & a service at the same time."
Being a medical concierge company, we only use EMERGE App’s service and product modules for our business. We like the software’s ease of creating and sending out invoices directly from the system, as well as the real time reports that we use to back up our business decisions.

After learning about EMERGE App and using it for a few months, we cannot imagine going back to creating invoices and reports manually. This has freed up a lot of time for us to actually cater to the needs of our clients. We get more done during the day, and our business is already more productive thanks to the extra pockets of time we save everyday.

Although EMERGE App might not be the best fit inventory management software for service-oriented companies, we are very satisfied with the application and the team behind it. We strongly recommend EMERGE App to our clients and fellow businesses when we have the chance, because it is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.
Petultra, Priscilia Lim
"For full drop shipping model, no stocks."
Petultra is a pet product company that sells primarily through e-commerce on Magento and we operate on a dropshipping model. This has worked out very well for us as we do not have to maintain inventory space and simply give the orders of our customers over to our suppliers and the goods will be delivered as soon as available.

We have not found a good dropshipping inventory management system that we really liked, until we discovered EMERGE App upon the recommendation from a friend. EMERGE App’s dropship module is really easy to understand and use, and as it is directly integrated into Magento, all we need to do is to manage our shopfront directly from EMERGE App’s platform.

EMERGE App has greatly simplified a lot of our company’s processes such as invoicing and purchasing, freeing up more time for us to source for even better pet products for our clients. We require our system to be really flexible, as at times we manage pretty complex orders between customers and suppliers. EMERGE App has delivered on that front so far, and that flexibility is highly valuable in preparing for events such as tradeshows or bazaars.

On a more conservative note, EMERGE App is not as intuitive as it is built to cater to many different workflows required by many types of companies. It’s a tradeoff that we’re willing to live with because of the ease that EMERGE App has afforded us.
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